BRAVE 2019


Brave 2019 was amazing! Thank you all for attending and choosing to be Brave.

Hopefully these resources will help you in the year ahead. See you in 2020!

Be a BRAVE Ambassador

Ideas for how to be BRAVE starting today!

  1. Start a Brave Club at school
  2. Start a Brave Book Club anywhere (with teammates, a group of friends at school, etc.) using the Brave journals. (use the PDF below as a guideline for staring a Brave Club or Brave Book Club)
  3. Start a Gratitude Challenge: Commit to expressing gratitude every day to at least one person, for a designated period of time. Get out of your comfort zone and encourage someone else by thanking them! Talk about how it makes you feel and when you post about it use: #GIRLSAREBRAVE
  4. Get together with friends and brainstorm a list of ways you can include people at school who are on the outskirts, who are looking for connections
  5. Ask a friend to be an accountability partner. Share a BRAVE goal with this friend and ask them to hold you accountable to making steps toward reaching this goal

Find a Local Mariners Church

Mariners Church offers Junior High and High School programs at each of their locations. Connect with the community closest to you!


Huntington Beach

South County

Find Community at Christ Our Redeemer

Christ Our Redeemer is an African Methodist Episcopal Church with programs for Junior High and High School students.

Irvine | 45 Tesla, Irvine, CA 92618

Need Help?

If you aren’t feeling brave today and need someone to talk to, please call:

Crisis Prevention Hotline

  • (877) 7-CRISIS
  • (877) 727-4747

What is a Healthy Relationship?

We all want to be Brave! We all want to make a difference in this world by being who we were created to be! It’s the people in your life who will either support you in this desire or who will block your way. On the other side of the coin, YOU are either a support to others who want to be Brave, or you are getting in their way.

Read the entire article by Lisa Barnes:

Start a Brave Book Club

A great way to keep the momentum going after the BRAVE event is to form a book club using one of our interactive journals! These books were written by powerful women who have overcome some of the toughest circumstances. Their story and guidance are sure to encourage you and your friends.

BRAVE Mini Resource Fair

During Brave 2019 we had the privilege of partnering with some amazing organizations, companies and people. Use the buttons below to learn more about them and how they help people be Brave every day.